Sugar Cinnamon

This was my outfit from yesterday. I had to run errands all over the place so I could be ready to start my job, which was today! Anyway, yesterday was pretty enjoyable. I had a meeting with my supervisor and the rest of the girls in my area, as well as had a floor activity. […]

Better Late than Never

So, here is the American Apparel Neon Blue nail polish that I promised you a post on! The color is a really nice shade of electric blue. The consistency of the color is a little smoother than the other neon colors. When it dries, it’s also shinier than the other colors. The is a good […]

Guess what I gooooot!

‘Neon Blue’ by American Apparel Guess what color I’ll be wearing tomorrow? When I heard that AA came out with the neon blue nail color, it was completely as if they answered my dreams. The spectrum is now complete and I’m very very happy! I’m so OCD about rainbows that it absolutely bugged me that […]

Still on the NEON hype

Some items I really love right now! :) 1. Patterned Romper by ASOS 2. Weaved Belt by Kimchi Blue via UO – (Similar here) 3. Triangle Earrings by Low Love x Erin Wasson 4. ‘Miracle’ Clogs by Jeffrey Campbell – (Maddox is a similar style) 5. Neon Sequined Bag by Miu Miu LoveloveLOVE the romper […]

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