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Naked by Urban Decay!

On Sunday, I decided to take the plunge and finally buy the Naked eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. If you haven’t heard of it: get on it! I had been to about 5 different Ulta and Sephora stores evaluating and reevaluating it for 3 weeks. When I found out that each store gets 2 palettes a week, I flew to the Sephora inside of JCPenney and picked one up. They had way more than any other store, so if you’re interested in it, find one there!

Naked boasts 12 shades that are said to look good on every complexion. As a warm medium-dark complexion with yellow undertones, I can confirm this for those other gals like me ;) I think one of my favorite things is that the shade called “Buck” is my exact complexion and it does a great job covering minor mistakes without needing makeup remover.

The shades are a perfect range for both daytime and night-out looks. You can wear a dramatic smokey eye when using the shadows as shades in a gradient, or you can keep it minimal and natural by sticking to the light shades. The palette also comes with a great quality brush that happens to be cruelty-free! Never a bad thing!

I decided that I was going to show you guys what it looks like on. I’ll be honest– this is my first time putting on makeup for real. In the past, I used to use only one shade at a time since, for some reason, I really liked that color blocked look. So disclaimer: I’m not any makeup guru.

Unfortunately, my lighting bleached out a lot of the color. It’s way darker and richer than it looks :)

I hope you enjoyed this post! This is one of my new additions, as I want to try things to switch my look up a bit. I’ve never been much of an eyeshadow person (I wore ONLY eyeliner for 5 years up until a couple of months ago!) but I’m certainly hoping to be!

More entries like this to come, especially since I’m on the quest to find a shade of lipstick that I actually like enough to buy! More on that next week!

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  • Casee Marie

    Aw, you look gorgeous! I’m determined to get one of these myself – I absolutely love it, I’ve been stealing my sister’s almost every day while she’s been visiting. When I first heard about it I wasn’t all that interested because I didn’t think I’d use all the shades, but really I never like color on my eyelids so these naturals would be perfect. I love the variety of looks you can get with it.

    And your photos look amazing, girly! I’m terrible at getting pictures of my make-up!

    • Melanie

      Aww, you’re too nice Casee. I look so awkward in the second photo, hahaha. I usually only wear color if I do wear ANYTHING, so it caught me by surprise that I liked these shades. I’m proud of Urban Decay for making a palette that looks good on literally every complexion, haha.

      And thank you very much :) I think lighting is super important for makeup photos. Just keep trying different light positions until you get something you like!

  • talktomyshoes

    What a beautiful palette! I’m mostly a MAC kind of girl but I’ll definitely have to check out the Urban Decay… I’ve been on a real neutral/matte kick lately. It’s such an easy go to.
    ps- the shades on you looks stunning!

    • Melanie

      I knooow, it’s such a great set :) I wanna say I might almost prefer UD to MAC but then again, what do I know about makeup? =P But yes, totally a go to! Thank you very much!

  • Jenmarie

    OH WOW! I never thought the colors looked that great online but you’ve totally changed my mind!

    • Melanie

      See it in person! That’ll certainly sway you :)

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