Miami for the Thanksgiving!

I’m leaving as we speak! I’m absolutely DYING to be home. I’m going to spend my very short stay (2 and a half days!) stuffing my face with my mom and dad, shopping with my best friend, Vanessa, watching lots of Animal Planet, and cuddling with my puppy, Monty. Posting will probably be limited as […]

Sunshine State

I saw this new color from American Apparel called, “Sunshine State” and I melted! I’m such a Florida girl, and to find something named after my state really excited me. I usually do love whenever AA pays attention to Miami. (I got this tank a couple of months ago! Haha.) Anyway, this is exactly what […]


A quick outfit from Friday! I find that my favorite outfits are the most effortless ones. I’m late to where I’m going 9 out of 10 times, and this instance it was class. I just threw this on, grabbed my JC Alexas (I had’t worn them in weeks and thought, “Heck, why not?”), and then […]

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