Perfect Platforms

I FINALLY got these platform sandals that I’ve been looking at for months! You first saw me post about them here, but in black, alongside a studded Mata Hari clutch. I now have both of these, and coincidentally, they still match as I have them both in nude leather (the clutch sold out in black). […]

My Life via Instragram Pt. 2

1. Wearing a Miami tank top from American Apparel to channel warm thoughts. 2. “Lilacism” by Essie 3. Rockin’ a choker and thin brows that I’m diggin’ 4. Outfit (with an embarrassing story behind it, hah!) 5. “Perfect” by Jeffrey Campbell (finally!!) 6. Essie’s “Mink Muffs” and “A Cut Above” 7. “Hunter” and “Light Year” […]

Mermaid’s Dream

New nail polish!! I’m gonna start off by apologizing for my absence lately. Life’s been a little crazy, but I’m getting back into the swing of things with the start of a new semester. My birthday was last week, so I have all sorts of nail polishes, shoes, and other things to show you guys…but […]

Nail Trends: Spring 2012

A nickname that I acquired in high school was, “The Color Master,” as people often came to me to and asked what particular shade of yellow should be in their paintings. Conversations would often go: “Add a tad more green…a little more…okay, now a little bit of red…OKAY, THERE.” As someone who is so color […]

Several Outfits, revisted

Something I’ve realized is that I wear a lot of the same articles of clothing on my blog over and over, and that TTTS can sometimes be a poor representation of my full arsenal. I completely love this outfit and am especially grateful that American Apparel makes sleeves long enough for my really long arms […]

Red Velvet

Something else that I wore last week! I was gifted this great skirt from American Apparel a couple of months back and I love it so much! It’s something that I definitely need to wear more :) This bodysuit has become my life. I wear it allll the time. I bought the U-neck dress a […]