Vintage Silk

I came home from Providence to a couple of silk shirts in my closet from my mom’s own closet. She’ll stick things that she thinks that I’ll like in there sometimes, so it’s nice to have new things to experiment with. I loveloveLOVE this one, especially for it’s color. This used to be my signature […]

Gradient Nails

So after seeing Natalie’s post on her gradient nails, I decided to finally get off my lazy butt and do it for myself. For my first time, I’d say I’m pleased, but this won’t be staying on my nails for too long. It’s definitely something where you can’t expect to be perfect at on your […]

My Sister’s Bridal Shower

I finally have time to get around to posting! My older sister Nikola will be getting married in May, and so her bridal shower was this past weekend. I flew in from Providence and came home to new furniture, lots of flowers, and crazy decorations everywhere. It was a really fun day and it was […]

Introducing VogueWriter

I’m sure you have had moments where you’re casually shopping and you find the perfect dress when you weren’t even necessarily looking for one. Instantly, you know exactly where you’d wear it to. It reminds you of something on the runway, red carpet, or it’s just perfectly on trend. It may be similar to an […]

A Pretty Day in Providence!

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day out, and I had an 8-hour gap between my two classes, so I really had no excuse for not taking photos. Apologies for the slow updates lately…I’ve been diving into class and projects and I’m having a lot of fun this semester! It also means that I’m doing work […]

American Apparel Goodies!

I went to my mail box at school this morning and saw that I had a package slip! I was expecting my maid-of-honor dress to come in from my sister or my new iPhone Incase (my current one is so broken!), but I got this package from AA instead! Completely not what I was expecting […]