This is one of those outfits where I based it all on the shoes. I bought my Soirées over a month ago (nearly 2?) and I’m just now showing then to you–sorry! If you follow me on Instagram (melaniepatterson_) you saw them in this post. These are probably the coolest shoes I own at this […]

Daisy Chain Dress

Some more photos shot by my friend / photography major, Nicole Buchanan. I purchased this dress off of eBay from Trashy Vintage. I had been looking for a cute babydoll dress and when I saw it, I knew it was the one. It looks like something I probably had when I was growing up. I […]

Some More Leopard!

Okay. The reemergence of my love for leopard has possibly gone too far. But these shorts are the most comfortable shorts I own so I don’t feel bad. I bought these gold studded collar tips off of eBay and I’m so happy with them. They’re the perfect amount of “accessory” for my minimal taste. When […]

A Touch of Leopard

Wow. I’ve been so busy with school that I’ve been writing this post for days. These were actually taken last Friday and well, I have some news for you: I now have a photographer for my blog! The photos were taken by my beautiful, model gorgeous friend Nicole Buchanan who really should be the one […]

90s Urban

What I wore to school today. I am obsessed with this shirt. I discovered it also looks amazing with leopard print, and it’s confirmed by a reliable source (my best friend!). You’ll see…soon ;) I also brought out the dark lipstick (Sephora’s “Bewitch Me“) which makes very rare appearances in my life. I think the […]