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Music is “Between Two Points” by The Glitch Mob ft. Swan.

Here are my entries for Miista’s A/W ’13 ‘Midnight Waters’ competition in conjunction with Solestruck. We had to make a mood board based on the theme and it had to include at least one shoe. I chose the Amaya perspex heel boot in potpourri. I decided to step it up to the next level and make some videos, which took a couple of days to record and made me lose lots of sleep because of homework. (I think I’m running on under 20 hours for the past 4 days.)

I promise you all that I have not forgotten about the blog! If you’ve been a follower for a while, you’ve probably noticed that this is the time posting slows down for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it’s getting cold outside! Brrrr! My tripod is almost unbearably cold to touch when its outside, haha. Not enough to deter me from posting though, but certainly discouraging especially when considering the second factor: finals! It’s time for me to buckle down and get on my work! I’ll be posting an outfit or two next week for sure since I’m going home. Can’t wait to be in the sun! I want to go straight to Lincoln Road and get lunch, omg.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my entries as they were a whole lot of fun to make. Follow me on Instagram to see more of my occasional creations…illustrations, videos, and pretty photos of new clothes that I get in! (Like this one of my new Miista Siri pumps!)

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  • Jenmarie

    Too funny, I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondered when your next post would be! That first video is PERFECT. Love the use of the camera and the track couldn’t be more fitting.

  • Ria

    Holy smokes! I hope you win, looks like a lot of effort was put into these. Totally shows.

    • Melanie

      Thanks, Ria! I placed second! Update on that soon.

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