What My Nails Are Doing

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+ (clockwise) Urban Outfitters Classics Collection Nail Polish in Calabunga (sold out) + Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear (Sold out, Similar) + American Apparel Nail Polish in Angeline (Sold Out) + American Apparel Nail Polish in Coney Island + American Apparel Nail Polish in Neon Pink +
A long time ago I used to post my current nails on the blog and I’ve been missing it! While I’m not so into crazy nail art anymore, I still love something fun to look at every now and then. I bought this super awesome nail polish from Urban Outfitters, originally pictured as a white base with blue, pink, green, and yellow glitter, but came with a light pink base instead. I didn’t mind, and decided I wanted to pull some out some of the colors and incorporate into the rest of my nails. This time around I chose shades of pink.

Excited to share more of my what my nails are doing with you!

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  • Jenmarie

    I am so obsessed with your nails right now! Like, you don’t even know. They seriously are so feminine, fun, and pretty. They pretty much look good enough to eat! Hopefully that isn’t weird.

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