Miami for the Thanksgiving!

I’m leaving as we speak! I’m absolutely DYING to be home. I’m going to spend my very short stay (2 and a half days!) stuffing my face with my mom and dad, shopping with my best friend, Vanessa, watching lots of Animal Planet, and cuddling with my puppy, Monty. Posting will probably be limited as […]


It feels so great to finally be in my major! I already feel like I can do so much, and I’ve literally only been to 2 out of 5 classes. I love the two teachers that I’ve had this past week, and I’m taking a poetry course from a teacher that I loved my fall […]

Going back

So I’m looking at this post again, pretending that I haven’t been writing it for a week now. (I hate submitting posts without photos. That’s my excuse.) In a week, my summer vacation will officially come to a close as classes will be starting up again. This summer meant so many things for me. It’s […]

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