Gradient Nails

So after seeing Natalie’s post on her gradient nails, I decided to finally get off my lazy butt and do it for myself. For my first time, I’d say I’m pleased, but this won’t be staying on my nails for too long. It’s definitely something where you can’t expect to be perfect at on your […]

Mermaid’s Dream

New nail polish!! I’m gonna start off by apologizing for my absence lately. Life’s been a little crazy, but I’m getting back into the swing of things with the start of a new semester. My birthday was last week, so I have all sorts of nail polishes, shoes, and other things to show you guys…but […]

Nail Trends: Spring 2012

A nickname that I acquired in high school was, “The Color Master,” as people often came to me to and asked what particular shade of yellow should be in their paintings. Conversations would often go: “Add a tad more green…a little more…okay, now a little bit of red…OKAY, THERE.” As someone who is so color […]


“Chinchilly” by Essie (which you’ve previously seen me wear here) is a warm taupe-grey. It’s a nice neutral that can go with anything you’re wearing (if you’re one of those types!) and it can be paired nicely with other colors. Something I want to try this out with soon is neon yellow, as I wore […]