ready for forever

Hi guysss. All my friends have been out of town, so I’ve been taking advantage of this free time to spend it with my boyfriend. We’re super cool and played Zelda for hours. This is what I wore to go to his house: AA Black U-Back Dress, F21 Green Skirt/Bird ring, Delia’s espadrilles. Shoes that […]


Ahhh. Sorry I haven”t updated the past couple of days. Things have been a little busy, particularly because my sister just moved out of the house to Las Vegas. It’s a bit on the far side, considering my other sister lives in another part in Miami, so I’ve been feeling a little lonely. My dog […]

This WOULD happen to ME

The day after I restart my blog, my camera pretty much dies. Ahhhhh, not quite sure what to do right now. It still takes photos, but they’re coming out extremely dark. I can’t even salvage them because they have SO much noise :( Anywaaaaay. Next point!: I really love shoes. I love edgy silhouettes as […]