Everything might be okay now! :)

So, I had my ex-photographer/computer-savvy father take a look at my camera, and wouldn’t you know, it looks like it is fixed! I hope everything is all great since I don’t want to HAVE to put money towards a new camera. I still might do it, though it’s no longer so urgent. I’d like to […]

This WOULD happen to ME

The day after I restart my blog, my camera pretty much dies. Ahhhhh, not quite sure what to do right now. It still takes photos, but they’re coming out extremely dark. I can’t even salvage them because they have SO much noise :( Anywaaaaay. Next point!: I really love shoes. I love edgy silhouettes as […]


I never know how to start a very first entry in a blog, so I’m going to just wing it. Haha. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Melanie. I’m an 18-year-old that lives in Miami, Florida. I suppose you could easily assume that that combination of teenager and beach always produce […]